MMBOB makes it easy for you to connect with your audience and become visible to potential customers. We provide the space and opportunity to be able to connect with your customers. It’s simple to take advantage of these resources and add your business to our directory.

We start again today on this journey to solitude – to circulating currency within our community. My team and I have developed a directory of Black owned businesses in the Central Ohio area and we are looking to share it with you!

As we grow this product to be the source of truth for active businesses in the Columbus and surrounding area, we will need your help to polish it. Both businesses and consumers alike are critical to our success in making this directory the resource that we all want and deserve.

Before we publish our apps in the iOS and Android store to provide you a seamless and always ready database of black businesses in your community, we’re going to make sure we’ve designed and developed exactly what you want.

We ask that you to tell us what you think about the app!

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